Product overview - Welcome to smart sign monitoring

Signalytix’s solution is two-fold and consists of an IoT (Internet-of-Things) hardware device and a custom-developed dashboard software system.

Signalytix’s hardware is suitable for install in any illuminated LED signage - whether you’re retrofitting an existing monument sign or installing a new set of LED channel letters. The device transmits power data from the sign - voltage, wattage, and current - securely to the Cloud via an IoT-specific cellular network. The hardware also replaces the function of a traditional timer or photocell, which eliminates a common fail-point and allows for sign scheduling to be performed easily from your desktop.

Signalytix’s dashboard software serves as the control center for your entire signage program. Not only can you schedule and control all your illuminated signs with the click of a mouse - Signalytix will also notify you as soon as a sign outage occurs. Power data, sign specifications, and photograph and document storage make it easy to determine the cause of an outage and have maintenance completed as quickly as possible.

For more details, please visit our dedicated Hardware and Software pages.