hardware specifications:

Led signage specific

Signalytix was developed as a total solution specifically for use with LED signage and is not compatible with neon or fluorescent signage.


ease of installation

Signalytix hardware is easily installed into any LED signage - channel letters, monuments, pylons, etc. - and is suitable for new signs or retrofit programs.

Install involves wiring the hardware into the primary side power where it is able to capture power data from the sign as well as control its on/off function.


sign scheduling

Signalytix hardware mimics the function of either a traditional photocell or timer, which eliminates the need for those devices and lessens the risk of them failing and causing an outage.

Sign scheduling is set through the Signalytix dashboard so that it’s easy to manage when all your signs will be on or off.


The Signalytix hardware connects and transmits data to our Cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS) via an IoT-specific cellular network.

The use of cellular service eliminates the need to connect to building WiFi systems and causes no security issues.

cellular connectivity


As we continue to develop and make improvements to our firmware, updates will automatically be pushed to all devices to ensure the highest level of functionality at all times.

over-the-air updates


Signaytix’s hardware is UL Listed and certified for all new builds and retrofit installs.

Our hardware is also IP67 rated - meaning it is dust-proof and capable of withstanding water immersion for limited periods of time. For installs where hardware may be fully exposed to wet weather, additional measures may need to be taken during installation.

ul certified & ip67 rated


One Signalytix hardware device is required on each illuminated sign in order to monitor data and control each sign individually. Sites with multiple signs will require additional Signalytix hardware devices. Each hardware device has an up-front cost and an accompanying service fee that includes access to the Signalytix software system and its full functionality. The first device at each site has a monthly fee and each additional device has a lower fee.

For more information on pricing, please contact us.

Pricing Structure